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About Pastene - Qualit Foods Since 1874

Since 1874 the name Pastene has stood for quality, purity and good taste. Generations of Italians know and love Pastene products as real ethnic Italian cuisine at its finest. This has been achieved by insisting on very strict product quality and developmental standards. Pastene has never compromised it's high standards.That's why our customers have been our customers for generations.

It's not unusual for customers to tell us how their mothers, fathers, grandmothers or grandfathers used, and still use, our products. Our consumers know that when they buy Pastene, they're buying the best Italian food products. Not because we say so, but because we've stood the test of time. The real secret to great Italian cooking is pure, quality ingredients like those from Pastene.

Pastene has a long history of selling to major chain stores and independent retailers. We understand retailing and what it takes to make our line succeed in our important segment of the food industry.

    • Oldest Italian specialty company in North America
    • First house to import olive oil into North America as well as longest continuous importer of olive oil
    • One of America's oldest privately held company still owned by descendents of founder Pietro Pastenes
    • Customer base is primarily retail and food service establishments
    • Main marketing area is eastern US and Canada with New England and Quebec province concentration
    • Product line consists primarily of imported specialty Italian grocery items
    • Market segment is premium, Italian ethnic, natural food consumers, whole food consumers, Italian chefs

If you'd like more information about Pastene please feel free to e-mail sales@pastene.com